City Council Presentations

According to the Texas Racial Profiling Law, all law enforcement agencies must submit to their local governing bodies, by March 1st of each year, their annual racial profiling report. Crime Analysis Group is ready to assist you in presenting the annual racial profiling report to your local governing body in a professional and systematic manner. Contact us and learn more details about how we can be of assistance in preparing and presenting your annual racial profiling data while ensuring compliance with state law.

Racial Profiling Template:

Crime Analysis Group has been a pioneer in developing and distributing the Texas Racial Profiling Template which is currently being used by most Texas law enforcement agencies. Although the use of the template does not substitute seeking outside assistance in order to analyze the racial profiling data, it does allow agencies to prepare the “core” of the report without incurring additional costs. Contact us for more information on how to obtain the annual racial profiling template.

Grant Writing

It is estimated that thousands of dollars in grant funds are lost each year by qualified police agencies who lack the expertise or staff to seek external funding. Crime Analysis Group is able to assist you in seeking grant funds that can help you improve conditions in your respective agency. Funds are often available to assist police agencies in acquiring technology and other related equipment. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you obtain outside funds.

Municipal Court Assessments

Recently, attention has been focused on municipal courts and the alleged racial disparity that takes place.  Specifically, the focus has been on whether or not minority defendants are afforded the same treatment as non-minority defendants in and out of the courtroom.  Crime Analysis Group has a vast amount of experience in studying municipal court processes in order to identify areas of concern and vulnerability.  We have a vast amount of experience in assisting municipalities across the United States in determining areas where the court could improve in terms of process and documentation. Further, we also help identify if in fact, disparity is taking place.  We will deliver a professional and objective report which highlights our findings, including our analysis and recommendations.


We want you to keep up with the most recent developments about racial profiling. Thus, we have created this FREE service to all agencies interested in being informed about the latest news regarding racial profiling. Be the first to know about the most recent developments regarding this important issue!

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