Racial Profiling Data Analysis

Texas Racial Profiling Senate Bill 1074 mandates that ALL police agencies report by March 1 of each year, their traffic-related contact data. All agencies are required to report Tier 1 data and some, depending on the application and usage of video and audio equipment, are required to collect and report Tier 2 data.


Crime Analysis Group is experienced in assisting police agencies in the preparation of the annual Racial Profiling Report including, but not limited to, the analysis of data relevant to traffic-related contacts.

Search Analysis

In addition to the statutorily required contact data analysis, police agencies have been recommended to conduct, in an on-going basis, studies on their search-related data. This analytical process allows agencies to identify potential racial profiling problems as these relate to traffic-related searches.


Crime Analysis Group team is experienced in assisting police agencies in the development and implementation of search-based auditing mechanisms and studies. Crime Analysis Group is committed to assisting your agency in developing a better understanding of all search patterns, including “PC and Consensual” searches.

Crime Analysis

In the fast-changing world of policing, the analysis of crime data is becoming a necessity for law enforcement professionals who are serious about reducing the volume of crime in their jurisdictions. Crime Analysis Group offers an array of crime analysis options to all police agencies regardless of their size and complexities.


Our team is trained in SPSS and Crime Mapping software enabling us to focus on specific areas of a particular jurisdiction. In addition, our crime analysts are able to prepare reports which not only present crime patterns but also offer “solutions” which include innovative community policing techniques based on a geographic policing approach.

Organizational Management Studies

Dr. Alex del Carmen of Crime Analysis Group has been a law enforcement instructor for several years. He is a TCLEOSE certified instructor and has conducted training classes for over 23 law enforcement agencies in the state of Texas . In addition, he has trained, through the Law Enforcement Management Institute of Texas, over 1400 Chiefs of Police on topics relevant to racial profiling.


Dr. del Carmen is a nationally recognized scholar who specializes in racial sensitivity training including racial profiling. He has conducted onsite training seminars for police academies, special law enforcement groups, and individual agencies that seek training in racial profiling and racial sensitivity. Dr. del Carmen is often regarded by class participants as an “exceptional” instructor.