Dr. Alex del Carmen

A Knowledgeable Team. Extraordinary Results.

Dr. Alex del Carmen, founder of Crime Analysis Group, was one of the first scholars in the United States that conducted and published studies on racial profiling. He is regarded as a leading authority on this topic and has participated in international, national, state, and local seminars discussing topics relevant to racial profiling. Dr. del Carmen has trained all the chiefs of police in Texas for the past fifteen years and has instructed thousands of police officers and federal agents throughout the United States on topics related to biased based policing and racial profiling. He has written numerous academic articles in prestigious criminology journals, along with several books, including the most authoritative text on racial profiling, Racial Profiling in America, with Prentice Hall. He has also created the most widely used racial profiling report template in Texas and currently serves as a Federal Monitor for the United States Court of the Eastern District.