You, your data and us…working together for clarity


Strategic Analysis

What will you be facing next quarter, or next fiscal year? Do you have the information you need to effectively address issues you may not yet be aware of? Is your agency poised to adequately deal with the challenges of tomorrow?

Tactical Analysis

What crime trends are developing or are now present in your jurisdiction? Are you certain you know the current trends? Do you have the information you need to take corrective action? Are you sure you’re adequately prepared to deal with the unknown?

CompStat Review

How is your agency performing? What crime concerns are increasing? What crime concerns are decreasing? Are you sure you know? Are you adequately prepared for community discussions? Do you truly understand your agency’s performance? Do you know what is happening in your jurisdiction?


How are your officers performing? Do they adequately understand the environment they’re facing every day? Could they be more efficient, more effective or better informed about current strategies and tactics? Do they know how to do what you want them to do?

Accountability Analysis

Are your officers addressing current crime concerns, or are they merely stopping traffic? How are your officers spending their unencumbered time? What is unencumbered time? Where should your officers spend their tour of duty? Other than answering calls for service, where else should they focus their proactive attention? Are they doing what you want them to be doing?

About Crime Analysis Group

Crime Analysis Group offers scalable solutions to answer your agency’s data questions, concerns and analytical needs. Package topics are based upon your agency data and your selected topic for analysis (crime data, calls for service data, officer performance data, administrative data, etc…):


– **Gold Package** – Annual subscription that includes two reports with associated on-site presentation, that includes command discussion and debriefing sessions.

– **Silver Package** – Annual subscription that includes two reports, but without associated presentation or debriefing.

– **Bronze Package** – A “Snap Shot” report that details the current status of the selected topic, priced to each individual analysis request.


Whatever the concerns of your community or your agency, we’ll partner with you to find your analysis answers. We can help you prepare for that upcoming community gathering, or that next hot topic City Council meeting. Contact us today with your questions, to discuss your needs and develop the strategic vision you need to succeed.